Thursday, August 22, 2013

Father God said

He will soar with me above the storm.
I just need to be still, He will cast away my fears.
Thank you, God.

D-day tomorrow! Kylene is coming out soon!
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Famous daw sya!

You know , my Princess No. 1 is seeking much attention lately. Like she wants to squeeze in between mum and dad at bed time which is kinda hard for me because I need some space when I sleep. She has been sleeping in her bedroom majority of the time but she is savoring the last few days of being the only child. So, she's been acting like a baby lately----odd and funny but I know she is going through something now and there are times we give in!

Last Friday, she broke out some good news to me. Mom, I am famous!!!! I am in the front cover of our school's photobook. All kids would have my photo!....I can only imagine---her dreams coming true! She wants to be famous!

You are always famous to me my Cheyenne.
She is now in Year 3 and am proud of how her maturity progressed since we moved in Sydney. 
She turned out to be independent, so much in control of herself. So full of life! 

She is turning 9 very soon and she wants to spend this time with her friends at Sydney Ice Arena. Mommy better start planning now! 

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