Monday, September 12, 2016

The terrible 3!

My children's birthdays matter a lot to me.

Each birthday is a celebration of their lives and our own journey as their parents. We had taken two different paths with these kids, given that the realities that we had in Manila is completely different than what we have here in Australia now. If we were too protective with Cheyenne, we are more relaxed with Kylene. They have completely different persona and while they are raised by the same parents, I also feel that Chuck and myself has changed throughout the years and whilst those changes were good, it has a direct impact to our parenting style which over the years has changed. 

This year, Kylene turned 3 whilst Cheyenne turned 12 and the celebrations we had for them were completely different.  Kylene - we preferred hers to be intimate, private and focused on her 100%.  We avoided the hype of prepping up, decors and all for it definitely will sway me away from her. She is a handful, she needs 100% of me. We spent lunch at Twigs and Twine Cafe , headed to the park immediately after and spent the whole afternoon lazing around, playing in the sand, bare foot, and running around.  She is definitely our outdoor, sporty girl! 

There she is obsessed of her cake and candle blowing ceremony. We did at least 12 times, oh, I lost count and in different locations.

Again ! again !

Surrounded with love and all attention to this little girl!
Goals--- ACHIEVED!

and each night for the next 2 weeks of , we sung the Birthday Song! She is my Kylene , entertaining, happy little earthling makes my life superb!

Last year, we were at Goldcoast on her birthday , a much needed break for a very cold Sydney.  We did have a small brunch party for her too. More story here.  The Cake Story

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