Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Hey first week of 2024!

( Jan 8)
I am on my best mood today- best state mentally and I am happy and fulfilled of how my day is going.

How about you?

I am feeling happy because I can do freely of whatever I want. With my family at home, it is such huge relief to be able to just focus on priorities for myself & they will do the rest!

I am embracing this extreme sense of gratitude of all things big or small.

Let's start with my JOB - afforded me of the best things such as FOOD on the table, ROOF on our head, the little luxuries ( like free massage) . I am intending to be as minimalist as I can in 2024.

I don't come with resolutions but here's my plans.
To take care of my body - all in moderation ( not giving up on alcohol just yet)
To live in a minimalist way.
To be grateful everyday--find that element in the day that makes me so thankful.
To be present.

Friday, September 22, 2023

16 years old! ( now 19!)

(Stayed in draft mode until September 2023)

Dear my first-born, 

In 2020 , you turned 16! a new decade, a unique year to experience. 

We are very much gratified of the person that you have become. Thanks so much for the life lessons and all the firsts that we've shared together.  

Thank you for forgiving us along the journey , oftentimes, I acted like the guru in this relationship but realized later in life that you are actually the teacher - you are living a life that you should own, and while I will be your guide, I cannot live your life.  I want you to own it! All the decisions, mistakes, victories, outcomes, joys, every single moment is Yours to make! 

My hopes for you is a strong mind and heart to endure the future. To approach life with kindness and courage.  The future is bright for you, my love. And I will be here, call on me when you need me.

Fast forward 2023! phew!

So you already celebrated 18th last year, and 19 this year, how fast was that! The last of your 'teen' years-- a more mature person is sprouting -- perhaps?

And you , in your implusive ways wanted to make today memorable with your 'sip and paint' party , and we are totally onboard!  

 In awe of this sunset making its grand entrance!

11 September 2023
Cheyenne turned 19

 Well, I've been afraid of changin''Cause I've built my life around youBut time makes you bolder, Even children get olderAnd I'm getting older too..Oh! I'm getting older too  ( lyrics from Landslide)

Dear Mom and Dad

 ( Kylene's persuasive writing project at school)

At the edge of Wester Australia, lies a beautiful reef known as Turqouise Bay or Ningaloo reef that we should go to. The crystal clear water will leave you speechless. It has spectacular views, fantastic climate and amazing animals.  How would you feel if you were gazing upon a majestic bay as if you were in a fantasy world?

Fistly,  I believe that you will be gobsmacked by the breathtaking view of Turqouise Bay. I know both of you very well , and Dad, I knew that you love to take photos of beautiful places, Turqouise Bay is just one example of a fantastic reef. Mom, I know you like people taking photo of you while you are in front of an astonishing place. How about we go there so you will be able to tell all your facebook friends?

Another reason why you must take us to Turqouise Bay is because of the fantastic climate there.  I know both of you hate the cold and will do anything to escape it, well, lucky for you , I have the perfect place we could go to. In Turquoise Bay, the average is 30 degrees celsius, the max is actually 36. So how about we drive there next winter?

Lasty , I believe that once you are at Turqouise Bay, you will definitely sign up to swim with the huge whale sharks!You know it would be  great opportunity to swim with the whole family.  Mom, I know you love the ocean and like whales. This is definitely a reason why we should go to Turqouise Bay.

You may say we cannot go to Turqouise Bay just because you can't swim and might drown but guess what? I promise you there will be life jackets for you, making it way easier to see the specatular animals swimming by when we go snorkelling.  Please, you must understand that I am desperate to go. Come on now, let's go!

In conclusion, it is clear that we must go to Turqouise Bay for the following reasons; fantastic views, perfect climateand super cool animals. Right now, in this moment, you have the decisions in your hands. Can we go to Turqouise Bay or not?

Love you heaps, 

Kylene Baquial ( 10 years old)

Monday, January 04, 2021

2nd January not a NIGHT to spark JOY

 Instead of sparking JOY, I sparked ANGER on this night, I believe I have been enduring far too long.

Tried to hold back lots of negative energy lately and could easily spark anytime and this is the night that I wasn't waiting for but has to HAPPEN.

I am not sorry for the HONESTY.  I am not sorry that I had to release it all.  It is meant and has to happen.  This family is not meant to keep ill feelings within, it is not a HEALTHY way to live through life. 

I resolve that this year, we have to be clear of this intention. If we are intending to be transparent to the ones we hope to live closely with -- we have to be honest through communication and not build up from little things of annoyance which really builds up to  an Anger not easy to mend ( based on EXPERIENCE). That is number ONE.

And with that, I need to be vocal of my feelings towards my RELATIONSHIPS, especially my very core. Especially on feelings when I am mostly happy and in love and in deep gratitude of their presence in my life. 

Also ,I need to let go of the relationships that are toxic ( which I have done in the past).  It doesn't mean hating those people but just keeping the ample distance to keep my feelings on check.

PATIENCE - I have worked so hard on last year and I have mixed results. To some aspects, it worked but creates chain of disappointments as well.  My drive to be patient also builds up a growing anger within which was really unhealthy. I am really confused. 

STRENGTHEN THE MINDSET - negative thoughts provoke frowning on otherwise beautiful days that I worked hard. 

KEEP CALM - on things that you couldn't figure out just yet. No rush.

In 2021, I am decided to LOVE myself , by pursuing the things that truly sparks JOY within me.  

Remember, it all starts with ME! So. me first! 

Monday, August 31, 2020

How this Year started?

Let me recall......

2020 actually started with major devastation in some parts of Australia of the huge bush fire. A lot of attention and funds poured into the country. Homes, livelihood, flora and fauna suffered from this. It was definitely the result of the global warning enough to cripple the country.

It was a year that we look forward as a family because Nedz is getting married! I had to cut short my parent's trip here in Sydney so we could all fly back to Philippines. But didn't come seamlessly as Mt Taal's eruption threatened our flights. And my fellows in Philippines suffered a lot of this experience--- their livelihood, and their lives.

Nonetheless our flights were not affected and we flew via Singapore as planned. Had a very short catch up with our Sg friends that we haven't socialized in ages! Oh, how we missed Singapore! We had good 5 years of memries as a family in the country ( i will prolly right something about this stop over.)

So, here's the wedding that my sister conceptualized, we planned and executed.
                                                                         Nothing fancy, just LOVE!

That day was very humid, I think we all soaked in our sweat while we were dancing but the most important thing is the good LORD blessed us with the grace of marriage that day.  And I can only pray and hope that my sister and brother in law will tackle this journey with openness and in pure desire to be each other's shoulder.  When one is weak, the other had to take over.

Had Nedz and Cyril executed this ceremony in July as originally planned, we wouldn't have witnessed this day.

Believe it or not, this was probably the major positive memory I had of 2020.  We had a good start and I still am hoping badly that human lives will recover from these tragedies of 2020.

Overall, a difficult year for all of us!

Thankfully, we had a very good start of 2020 to hold on to, sealed with a KISS!

Friday, April 24, 2020


of the small things often the ones we neglect but the ones that truly made me happy these days.

Thank you for the quiet morning without the pressure to rush. The mornings that I could soak in the bounty of the days that passed and what's to come! A time to stay quiet and ponder.

So, on the morning of today, I opened the blinds in my bedroom and saw the glimmer of the sun, I can already tell the sun is going to shine pretty!

I was tempted to think of the agenda at work but I resisted it but instead decided to start the day listening to a talk from Dr. Shefali, an inspirational speaker which I started to follow recently. I was captivated to say the least and was planning to continue listening another session within the day.

I had to start the zumba immediately after the session I listened to , so I have enough time to get my coffee and go for my 8am meeting. Today is Friday by the way, end of week and I am usually creative on Fridays :-) and also today, I have focused on things that I am thankful the most;

- that I have a job and that it enables me to take care of my children while earning

- that I am not away from my children in this unprecedented times

- that my heart is CALM and my temperament is STABLE

- that my husband loves me

- that I am capable of realizing my limitations, my mistakes and what I can and cannot change

a Special privilege for 15 years....

A very late post indeed but in September 2019, Cheyenne turned 15.

Sʰᵉ ᶦˢ ᵒⁿᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵗʰᵉ Rᴀʀᴇ Oɴᴇs...
ˢᵒ Eғғᴏʀᴛʟᴇssʟʏ Hᴇʀsᴇʟғ.
ᵃⁿᵈ ᴡe ᒪOᐯᗴ ʜᴇʀ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴀᴛ

She never demands, she don't overdo things, she thrives on simplicity BUT---make sure she has her skincare products, ELSE.

In short, she is never LIKE me and I love that, because I want her to be who she is,  not because I am her mom.  I am merely a vessel who brought her up and would strive hard to be the parent she needed.

I am truly grateful to God, He allowed me to become your mother. I know that a lot of wonderful surprises is in store for you in the future and i can't wait to see your eyes glitter when you feel most happy! 

It was a cold September morning on the 11th of September 2019, a winter's tail.

Thank you for coming into our lives! 

Hey first week of 2024!

( Jan 8) I am on my best mood today- best state mentally and I am happy and fulfilled of how my day is going. How about you? I am feeling ha...