Wednesday, January 21, 2015

21 January

3 years ago, we set foot on this country with much excitement , bewilderment, fear and doubt.

That was 3 years ago. We made our own story.
We had struggles, moments  of agony and confusion.
and of JOY. I couldn't count the many ways we were blessed.
The good Lord favored us. This land was meant for us.

The rest are stories yet to be told.

Thank you God for guiding us in making the decision to move & sailing through each day you have gifted us. Grateful.

in 2015, we will continue to live in God's favor & find inspiration in Pope Francis' words.

“Allow yourselves to be surprised by God. Don’t be afraid of surprises. They shake the ground beneath our feet and make us insecure, but they move us forward in the right direction.” — Pope Francis, UST Jan 18, 2015.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

the second part.... year ender 2014

fruit picking with my family!
These fruits are best eaten FRESH. No washing necessary! yay...

my folks are having a great time & enjoying Sydney in autumn and who doesn't love autumn?. The surrounds speak of JOY and GLADNESS! of COLOURS and Sunshines!

in March- i went back to work to join the work force again. It was seamless. Thank you Lord for the support I got from my parents. Heaps of wonderful things came through in 2014.

in August- we all went back to Philippines for Kylene's birthday. I do brave, unplanned moves sometimes. I actually become unpredictable and pretty liked it.

a month after, we were back to Sydney and headed off to Canberra & those beautiful images were made. Thanks to Cating, my sis and Kevin's artistic skills!

i love this photo of us.

in October- went off fruit picking  for peaches and nectarines!This time with my mom in law.

in December- we drove to Goldcoast. It's almost 30 hours in the road back and forth. That I thought was a bold move  especially with a baby and senior citizen in the car. Thankfully, we have a very reliable car & of course, a good driver.

Thank you Lord for your travelling mercies throughout this year.
We have more adventures in 2015 ,pls keep us in your loving arms always!

I can't wait to see the surprises you have for me in 2015 papa Lord. You are the best!

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