Friday, August 19, 2016

and here's a quote I treasure.

Sometimes, it's good to be distant or at least to know when not to react in a usual way.  Not everything needs to be said, or explained.  There are many situations in life when the best response is a subtle, or even a quiet one.  Restraint is a virtue.

How many times did I encounter the word Restraint in the last days? I remembered having a convo with mom-in-law regarding self-restraint in the social media the other week. And my mind's in whirlwind whether I should be tolerant of people who just can't get it! Few people I encounter are arrogantly expressive of  their perceived cleverness ( whatever) and ending up looking stupid but I normally blame their mouth for that.  I control my burst of judgement towards them.  More often , I fail!

 Cultivating this virtue requires some practice, discipline & degree of maturity.   Let me bring you back down mem'ry lane.

I was a rash tad bit insensitive growing up until one day , I had the desire to pray for my stupid mouth. Because at night, it haunts me. The words I say, the judgements I imposed --they are not really me. They were required from me , so I spit it out without thinking of its impact.  But I don't want to live what way any longer-- so I decided to withdrew from crowd ( this happened in college), hid myself in books I drew inspiration and strength.  Then, I became at peace of my decision to develop Self- Restraint especially in WORDS.  Achieving that state mattered to me because at a certain degree I was confused whether self restraint is associated to not being oneself. But I know the difference now.

Oh yes, I still pray for it at night.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What it means to be 18, este 38.

Reflection: Where are you putting your time, treasure and talent? Are you focused on things on earth or on life eternal?

I am not a very biblical being, I tried but it never worked for me. So, the kind of nourishment other people gets from reading the Bible , I simplify it to my daily life. That is why I subscribe to Kerygma through email because they use simple words which a head like mine can comprehend. Besides, it shouldn't be difficult understanding Jesus' life isn't it? How could I follow if I do not translate it to my terms. 

Going through introspection,  and despite a very happy life, I endeavor to spend time to check my emotional , mental well being. 

What helped me?

That my happiness is not attached to anyone, circumstance, or something. I have cultivated my avenues to enjoy LIFE through; 

- Thanksgiving 
- To keep that sense of wonder
- To never sweat the small stuff

I am a work in Progress

Therefore I allow myself to make mistakes, and I forgive.  I am not too strong yet that I could easily get swayed with the demands of the society. But I carry on. For life isn't always a bed of roses. Stumble. Fall. Get back up!

To always Choose Kindness

“If someone takes unfair advantage of you, use the occasion to practice the servant life. No more tit-for-tat stuff. Live generously”

To make more life exciting, do random acts of Kindness. For you'll never know who needed one today.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Respect & Understand

Oftentimes, I give people the benefit of the doubt.  But oftentimes too, I am too quick to judge by how people say, comment, portray themselves in social media. I ask forgiveness for that. I will try to expand my ability to understand. Expand my ability to be more tolerant , with a listening heart and ear.  Thankfully, i am not the type who keeps grudges.  I often the Forget, Forgive Move On type.

Our uniqueness as human beings make us disagree in many facets. That in fact is human nature. But whilst we do that, can we also enable ourselves the ability for self -restraint? I wonder how in the world are people become so overarching with arrogance and sarcasm trying to express smartness and whatsover skill they have to flaunt!

It gives me the chills. The bad way.

I am saddened of the change in attitude.

I am saddened of the quick condemnation.

The labelling, the judgements.

I hope we could revive RESPECT and pure UNDERSTANDING that as human beings, can we just AGREE to DISAGREE? and no harming of relationships please?

Friday, August 05, 2016

Revisiting Hunter Valley

It is a different feel each time we get here.
But the wines don't disappoint. Maybe, I am too alcoholic !

We arrived to our first stop.
The Briar Rose. It is a small winery and I liked it because there is not much tourist in the vicinity. Quiet and relaxing , though they don't have much area to ran around, it was a good warm up visit.

Chuck must be very busy chasing the little one, and besides he couldn't consume as much as we can given he is our only driver. Sorry, love.

I remember they have beautiful bougainvilleas around the garden. Reminds me of home.

To break the alcohol---and the many kinds of wine we had to taste, how about a quick choc fix?

But this winery is a must visit when you come over!

Apart from the lovely wines, is the beautiful landscape, you will relax here! We've bought most of our wines from here! plus the mini copper opportunity!

And what I like most about this place is I get to sat down with Chuck and enjoyed the experience because the kids can have their own agenda!

We were blessed with a beautiful weather to fully enjoy this experience!

The next day, Hunter Valley Gardens.
This little one in action trying to get more eggs!

I wonder why she hasn't been smiling in all our photos :-)

All green, lovely and beautiful Hunter Valley!

And a lot of interesting things for the kids!

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. But he didn't fall.

Look who's watchin' closely to bunny?

My girls, not too fast please! Of course, Kylene not paying attention :-)

( March 2016. Easter weekend holiday)

Thursday, August 04, 2016

51 kg in July 2010

Just so I know I have a point of reference.

I was 2 kg lighter 6 years ago based from my current weight which is 53kg. And 5 years ago, my ideal weight was 50 kg because according to FB, I tried to get rid of that 1kg excess.

Zoom! Fast forward, post - Aussie move, end of 2015, I was at 57kg. Worked hard in the beginning of this year with a target of 52kg. I am currently 1 kg away from it. I have put so much effort for the last few months but not anymore. I know what fitness feels. Weight actually becomes secondary, it doesn't become an indicator of health.

My drive to work out comes from the fact that - emotionally, I am in a better state.  I used to be very grumpy, stressed out and irritable before.  I have some mood swings that makes me annoyed sometimes.

So here's what worked so far---

controlled lunch
a happy healthy breakfast
a rice controlled dinner but No, i don't survive without rice in a day!
twice a week gym visit

My journey in the process. I would really like to keep this part of my lifestyle. If I don't have time to go to gym, I will spend some time walking just trying to be active! Yes, no slacking!

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Dalai Lama's surprise.

When I stumbled into this photo, I can't help but get attached to it. It was like an affirmation of the things that I have been doing with my life lately.   Did you see my heart skipped? Ah, i love those moments when I feel my heart beats faster out of Joy!

I know my intention was to live life with a grateful Heart. And now, I have come this far. And God, thank you!

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