Thursday, January 23, 2014

ECZEMA it is

Kylene started to show signs of this at 2 months on her face. It really stresses me out.
The itching and the flare up.  I pity my little pretty Kylene.  Thankfully, I have found the creams that works on her after so many trial and error.  It breaks my heart because every now and then, we still get the flare ups on her face. Minor compared to what she went through but it is still stressful every time I see her face turns red. Oh God, let her outgrow it. There, my very happy princess!
My 9-year old Princess has a different drama. Cheyenne's OOTD :-)I really like her radiance. She wakes up in the morning oozing positivity and confidence. I can't help & admire her  views of the world and her unending dreams! I will be here, Cheyenne. I will always be a No. 1 Fan.
And if the morning welcomes you with rain, please do not stop dancing. You can still dance in the rain. 

I love my daughters. They gave life a whole new meaning. And I have lived differently. 

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