Monday, August 31, 2020

How this Year started?

Let me recall......

2020 actually started with major devastation in some parts of Australia of the huge bush fire. A lot of attention and funds poured into the country. Homes, livelihood, flora and fauna suffered from this. It was definitely the result of the global warning enough to cripple the country.

It was a year that we look forward as a family because Nedz is getting married! I had to cut short my parent's trip here in Sydney so we could all fly back to Philippines. But didn't come seamlessly as Mt Taal's eruption threatened our flights. And my fellows in Philippines suffered a lot of this experience--- their livelihood, and their lives.

Nonetheless our flights were not affected and we flew via Singapore as planned. Had a very short catch up with our Sg friends that we haven't socialized in ages! Oh, how we missed Singapore! We had good 5 years of memries as a family in the country ( i will prolly right something about this stop over.)

So, here's the wedding that my sister conceptualized, we planned and executed.
                                                                         Nothing fancy, just LOVE!

That day was very humid, I think we all soaked in our sweat while we were dancing but the most important thing is the good LORD blessed us with the grace of marriage that day.  And I can only pray and hope that my sister and brother in law will tackle this journey with openness and in pure desire to be each other's shoulder.  When one is weak, the other had to take over.

Had Nedz and Cyril executed this ceremony in July as originally planned, we wouldn't have witnessed this day.

Believe it or not, this was probably the major positive memory I had of 2020.  We had a good start and I still am hoping badly that human lives will recover from these tragedies of 2020.

Overall, a difficult year for all of us!

Thankfully, we had a very good start of 2020 to hold on to, sealed with a KISS!

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