Friday, September 22, 2023

16 years old! ( now 19!)

(Stayed in draft mode until September 2023)

Dear my first-born, 

In 2020 , you turned 16! a new decade, a unique year to experience. 

We are very much gratified of the person that you have become. Thanks so much for the life lessons and all the firsts that we've shared together.  

Thank you for forgiving us along the journey , oftentimes, I acted like the guru in this relationship but realized later in life that you are actually the teacher - you are living a life that you should own, and while I will be your guide, I cannot live your life.  I want you to own it! All the decisions, mistakes, victories, outcomes, joys, every single moment is Yours to make! 

My hopes for you is a strong mind and heart to endure the future. To approach life with kindness and courage.  The future is bright for you, my love. And I will be here, call on me when you need me.

Fast forward 2023! phew!

So you already celebrated 18th last year, and 19 this year, how fast was that! The last of your 'teen' years-- a more mature person is sprouting -- perhaps?

And you , in your implusive ways wanted to make today memorable with your 'sip and paint' party , and we are totally onboard!  

 In awe of this sunset making its grand entrance!

11 September 2023
Cheyenne turned 19

 Well, I've been afraid of changin''Cause I've built my life around youBut time makes you bolder, Even children get olderAnd I'm getting older too..Oh! I'm getting older too  ( lyrics from Landslide)

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