Friday, September 22, 2023

Dear Mom and Dad

 ( Kylene's persuasive writing project at school)

At the edge of Wester Australia, lies a beautiful reef known as Turqouise Bay or Ningaloo reef that we should go to. The crystal clear water will leave you speechless. It has spectacular views, fantastic climate and amazing animals.  How would you feel if you were gazing upon a majestic bay as if you were in a fantasy world?

Fistly,  I believe that you will be gobsmacked by the breathtaking view of Turqouise Bay. I know both of you very well , and Dad, I knew that you love to take photos of beautiful places, Turqouise Bay is just one example of a fantastic reef. Mom, I know you like people taking photo of you while you are in front of an astonishing place. How about we go there so you will be able to tell all your facebook friends?

Another reason why you must take us to Turqouise Bay is because of the fantastic climate there.  I know both of you hate the cold and will do anything to escape it, well, lucky for you , I have the perfect place we could go to. In Turquoise Bay, the average is 30 degrees celsius, the max is actually 36. So how about we drive there next winter?

Lasty , I believe that once you are at Turqouise Bay, you will definitely sign up to swim with the huge whale sharks!You know it would be  great opportunity to swim with the whole family.  Mom, I know you love the ocean and like whales. This is definitely a reason why we should go to Turqouise Bay.

You may say we cannot go to Turqouise Bay just because you can't swim and might drown but guess what? I promise you there will be life jackets for you, making it way easier to see the specatular animals swimming by when we go snorkelling.  Please, you must understand that I am desperate to go. Come on now, let's go!

In conclusion, it is clear that we must go to Turqouise Bay for the following reasons; fantastic views, perfect climateand super cool animals. Right now, in this moment, you have the decisions in your hands. Can we go to Turqouise Bay or not?

Love you heaps, 

Kylene Baquial ( 10 years old)

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