Thursday, May 22, 2014


i want you to know that am fine of confrontation. That to ridicule me as a close friend means a lot to me. After all, who is perfect?

im more than glad that over time, you have found your way to finally blurt it out--- 'that i should mind my own business & how dare me to have judged you'

i have parked myself in in full gear of acceptance and humility saying Sorry!

oh yeah, true Friends are like that and that is why, I do miss you.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Birth

It's running 9 months before I finally had the time to write this intently. The birth of my Kylene is well planned. She was born in comfort, through elective caesarean section. How fortunate to have given birth in the best public hospital ever! The Westmead Hospital, 10 minutes drive from home. And because its public, we have to bear with some restrictions ----like its FREE for a start. Yes, it was free! All of it! The service is Awesome, the only downside is, husbands are not allowed to stay after 8PM onwards and can rejoin at 8am the next day but a round-the-clock midwife is there to help your every need. I have no complains except for the very painful wound after the operation. But like any other pain---it didn't last.

After 3 nights, I was released. A midwife visited me at home to weigh Kylene as she had issues with her weight in the beginning & was initially diagnosed of jaundice. But luckily, the doubts were cleared and her weight improved. I am really cared for. I feel that I have done something really good to have deserve all these wonderful gifts of LOVE, KINDNESS & just these feeling that the world has instantly fell inlove with ME

I am LOVED. and that matters. And because I have it, I could freely give it away too. It is even more meaningful to give LOVE, to be KIND, to be at PEACE with the WORLD.

I don't have a POEM prepared for her on her arrival---but I have all prayers to GOD. That she will keep my baby on HIS side. That HE will protect her. That HE blesses her a bright future! Even brighter than what we already have!

It's an emotional experience to see your baby the first time. I couldn't forget that moment. It was an entirely different experience from the first. And is equally amazing. The miracle of pro-creation! I have a genius, cool , absolutely amazing God!

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