Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I am Grateful ( full stop)

i am on this stage where I didn't know what I was lacking until i was presented with the opportunity.

then i thought, i was underpaid for several years now.
then i started to be ungrateful.
then i started to linger on negativity
then i started to complain

little by little the poison was eating me & I missed the whole point.

what i am really trying to say is that the mind is very powerful. it goes to a lot of places and yes, thoughts could be poisonous. And i refuse my Blessings to get smeared, I wanted to fully enjoy it!

so here I am truly grateful.

thank you God, that you have seen my needs.
thank you God, that you hear out my thoughts.
thank you God, that you guide me always.

so, whilst we are not very poor- God knows I am concerned of our financial sustainability. But before I could even ask, He granted it!

 we are not going to be rich. But we continue to live with the heart of Thanksgiving, always!

Monday, March 09, 2015

my favorite things ( currently)

I find these 2 are my daily dose of favorite things in the morning.

- reading book on my train rides. I relax
- walking before coming to work. Nice chatting with Cheyenne while making those legs work

And i go home; wanting so much of Kylene's giggles, moodswings and heaps more.

i love you my daughters.
 & i love my favorite things to keep me sane.

And on weekends----running in the park for atleast 30 minutes is starting to form. How i wish, i wish, to sustain it. I also get to dip in the pool for Kylene's swimming lessons on Sundays! She doesn't act like a newbie at all. The teacher has no issues on her water confidence. My little brave, awesome, Kylene.

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