Monday, September 14, 2015

The girl who turned 11

So, amidst the pressure I hold for the past weeks, the party we have conceptualized turned into a mem'rable one! When all those bits and pieces were put together, the results were amazing! It's beautiful!

So, how did it started?

Last year, we skipped a birthday party for Chy. That is why, I promised her a party for this year but only conceptualized this 6 months ago. We knew it is going to be cook off party. However, we have no specifics yet. Only when I found these gorgeous apron that some ideas started to fire up, then I decided it is going to be rainbow-colored theme party!

Cheyenne was on top of these ideas that during our brainstorming, she had to take down notes to make sure nothing is forgotten, oh yeah that's how organized she is. But some issues started to crop up. Like, the person who will make the cake will not be available on the date of the party. I am good at sourcing but it was hard to get the right one. I rainbow themed cake in cookies and cream, as the celebrant requested. I have to find that cake, by all means.  Thankfully, my sisters funded it :-) whew, $100 off from budget.

The little girls and boys busy with the batter preparation. Eager to decorate!

Chuck is artistic like that. Well written in a cafe-like chalkboard.

sorry, we only serve no ice cream cones here.

Care for worms and snakes, anyone?

The Happy Birthday Song!

my baby girl trying to blend in for the Birthday BINGO 

The Saletrero girls behind the intricacies. My dad of course took a lot of effort taking charge of Kylene the rascal. We could have not put this up without his help!

Thank you, kids! 

And my first born had a fantastic time! That's all that matters!
we love you, Cheyenne!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

My not so little girl,Cheyenne

Look at you. Look at  you. Look at you.
Sometimes it is unimaginable--- nurturing you for the past 11 years. Was I a good mother to you? Do you cherish our mem'ries together? I needed to tell you how painful it is sometimes to not being able to clutch at your bedside in most nights. I know how you wanted me to just lie down there on your downtime until you doze off to sleep. As you grow up my girl--I want you to know that; 

-- the world out there is tough, pray for STRENGTH.
-- growing up comes with responsibilities, I am here to GUIDE you.
-- and whatever form your days would start, show up POSITIVE. 

And so my prayer goes out ;

That the good Lord will always protect you.
That He will guide your thoughts , words and actions
That He will keep you close.

Thank you for loving your family very much. Know that you are loved. More than words.

PS. the blog entry i wrote last year for her birthday is here. 'And you Turned 10'

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