Tuesday, September 01, 2015

My not so little girl,Cheyenne

Look at you. Look at  you. Look at you.
Sometimes it is unimaginable--- nurturing you for the past 11 years. Was I a good mother to you? Do you cherish our mem'ries together? I needed to tell you how painful it is sometimes to not being able to clutch at your bedside in most nights. I know how you wanted me to just lie down there on your downtime until you doze off to sleep. As you grow up my girl--I want you to know that; 

-- the world out there is tough, pray for STRENGTH.
-- growing up comes with responsibilities, I am here to GUIDE you.
-- and whatever form your days would start, show up POSITIVE. 

And so my prayer goes out ;

That the good Lord will always protect you.
That He will guide your thoughts , words and actions
That He will keep you close.

Thank you for loving your family very much. Know that you are loved. More than words.

PS. the blog entry i wrote last year for her birthday is here. 'And you Turned 10'

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