Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Kylene is 6! ( wot???)

Kylene turned 6 in August 23, 2019

No BIG parties but our HEARTS are HUGE with these CELEBRATIONS!
Thank you God, for this year of health, happiness and laughter! 

2019 was a year to bring back what matters most.  Simple and memorable.
I find it really special that we spend those important days of our lives together.

No fuzzy preparations. All energy and attention to "us"
We played 'shato' in the park and did some crafts!
It turned out to be beautiful!

Happy , cheerful , You!
My Kylene, I thank God you came into our LIVES!

Happy Birthday song on this link!

Cheyenne's 10th birthday post here

Monday, February 17, 2020

I LOVE being your MOTHER

I wouldn't want anything more than being here with you as your MAMA. I will not apologize for not always being 100% NICE because I can't 😁,

BUT here's what I could promise.

- I will strive hard to  be someone you will look up to that means I will be a better version of myself everyday

- I will show to you that you cannot rely on your own abilities alone and that you have to call on God in all circumstances
- I will let you experience difficulty and let you find ways to cope with it 

- I will be quiet and still when you need me to. I will not nag when not needed. ( i will try)

- I am your safe place, come to me.

I will let you live independently in this LIFE.  I will not be over-hovering you but I will LINGER around you so that you know I am near.  Call on me and find comfort with my company.

I LOVE YOU my dearest daughters. 

OPEN my HEART and you will see HOW MUCH YOU MEAN TO ME! 

( Chy & Ky in South Korea - April 2019)

2009 to 2019!

I haven't written. Blame it to social media. How our lives are dictated by it, I hate it!
I am seriously thinking on how I could separate myself of this unhealthy lifestyle of browing insta and fb. I have to admit, It is not a healthy habit.  It is killing my productive time.

I should say, blame it on me.  But I am kind to myself giving myself time to move away from it slowly. DISCIPLINE is Key!

But this entry is a culmination of our 10 year journey since we got our Australian visa. It is an important turning point of our lives actually and has to be written because whenever I look back at it, I can't help but to be immensely GRATEFUL.

Let's rewind to October 2009, when we got the Permanent Visa which is actually some 3 months after we got our Singapore PR visa. Boom! So God, didn't give one, he granted us two. Choices that are equally good and we have to pray a lot of his Enlightenment to be able to Decide.  Looking back, either choices were good and after careful thoughts, we decided to move to Australia..

January 21, 2012. Flew to Sydney to start a new journey.  Eventful journey to say the least. And we are definitely blessed with friends, kindness from strangers, health, jobs, and many other things  that God showered to us for our journey to be successful. He gifted us with wisdom, courage and a new child in 2013.

August 23, 2013. Along came Kylene. Our addition who definitely commanded our world. She was born brave but loud :-)

Cheyenne on the other hand is very much a driven child, focused and enjoying the lifestyle we have.  We drive around Australia and we enjoyed the great Straya outdoors!

August 2014. Flew to Philippines for Kylene's first birthday! She looked very tiny, frail and sickly as a child.  She had eczema and has issues sleeping.

September 2015. Moved to Seven Hills, our new dwelling. Yet, another journey.  Thank God for surprises along the way. We have afforded this house and many others because this was the year when the real estate market was high and we sold our old property at a growth price that we couldn't imagine after only 3 years of holding the properly. Another surprise that kept us astounded!

December 2016. Cheyenne graduated primary. She is moving up to a secondary school that she dreamed of.  We couldn't have afforded it but oh my God! She was a granted a scholarship, holy moly! Lord, bless my children!

April 2017.  This was the first bucketlist trip where we thought splurging a bit is OK. So, we took a helicopter ride over Queenstown and landed on glacier. It blew our mind.

January 2018. This is not an easy year to start especially for me but I decided to Fight on and be HAPPY, no matter what. It was a battle well fought!A positive breakthrough happened as well.  Thanks to a friend who helped me along the way!

2019. Is a BIG, BRIGHT year!
          We traveled to Europe! It was like a DREAM! The 4 of us, having the time of our LIVES in      London, Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam & Prague! I have to write more deets of this trip so my kids can read on in the future!

God's grace is AMAZING. His FAITHFULNESS lives. His PRESENCE in us is FOREVER!

Chuck & Yen, 40.
Cheyenne, 14

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