Tuesday, September 16, 2014

and you turned 10.

I can't believe it's been 10 years.
I have spent 10 years of wonderful mem'ries with you, Cheyenne.

The difficulties of mommyhood certainly is outnumbered by the many times I had my breath taken away of its JOYS! I love the life we shared darling, the many funny, honest, surprising , sometimes agressive conversations.

It is all beautiful. It was once a DREAM-----it is like living in the CLOUDS when you have all those dreams coming TRUE. That is how I am going to describe LIFE with  You. It is better than marshmallows or lollies and chocolates all combined!

I am proud of what you have become.
I am even prouder that you appreciated and enjoyed the kind of LIFE we have provided for you.
I agree with you---I am too emotional of all these. But I LOVE you that sometimes it overpowers my capacity to LOVE. It is too great like that! God must have LOVED me so much for enabling me to experience this Kind of LOVE.

It is wonderful. More than SUPERCalifragilisticExpialidocious!

I wish that you continue to LOVE LIfe!
Continue to being compassionate.
Be Generous of your resources & time.
Most of All- call on GOD at all times.

Love Lots,


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