Friday, June 20, 2014

my most important Reader

keeps on peeping through my blog nowadays.
And I feel so self-conscious about it.
Awww, my Cheyenne has roped herself into the world so fast and furious that treating her like a baby is simply not applicable.

She has progressed really fast and as a mom--it is a mixed of excitement and fear.

Like, last month--she asked me this question, "mom, how did you become pregnant?' Of course, it was a 'aha' moment. I knew it was the perfect time to reveal the real answers. A direct to the point question necessitates a direct to the point answer. No time for hesitation from me-- I did blush in the process. She said she felt embarrassed & yeah, moments like that no matter how awkward-----are special moments for me. These are moments I was waiting but had no idea how to prepare for. I think like any other huge moments in your life- you will never come prepared. Like having a baby for the first time.

Chuck and I didn't decide of having a baby too soon in the marriage. We were living miles apart and I got pregnant after the wedding. We didn't get to spend a real honeymoon. How is that? We were not living together, we had a baby, I was a having a budding career and I have a maid to help me out. Geez. That's how our marriage begun.  I know, it was not ideal but we worked it out.

And we had Cheyenne. She came no matter how what and she made my world really special. She is first love, a love I couldn't demand anything more. No disappointments, no expectations. I laid my eyes on her everyday and I know the world will not crumble because I have the most beautiful treasure!

so, I hang in there & we turned any mundane day truly mem'rable!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The LOVE experience.

'The thing is we keep on rolling under the stars'

To the man ,who kept it rolling for me. Who kept me agitated over the nicest & unpleasant surprises. For coping with the bad ass in me & for treading life with me albeit the thorns & kept the roses tucked. The important part of this journey is ---you walked with me.

Happy birthday, let's keep it rolling, love.

it's OK if you are patient

today, i celebrate over winning against myself .
Against my impatience, my negativity& against my un-cool attitude.

I am working hard to be a best version myself & I think it is part of growing up. We become less careless, less reactive but very excited of living the life we have prayed for!

I have always wanted to be non-conformance to the demands of the world & yeah, it's awesome to be different. To be just me & it's enough.

Okay, let me share one of the vision i had that actually became a reality.
when we bought this place in 2012, I knew something like this will happen. We will be lounging in the yard with a new baby. And it did happen. I get so elated when my vision are actually happening.

I can't stop thinking about this & get so really thankful with my whole heart!

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