Tuesday, June 17, 2014

it's OK if you are patient

today, i celebrate over winning against myself .
Against my impatience, my negativity& against my un-cool attitude.

I am working hard to be a best version myself & I think it is part of growing up. We become less careless, less reactive but very excited of living the life we have prayed for!

I have always wanted to be non-conformance to the demands of the world & yeah, it's awesome to be different. To be just me & it's enough.

Okay, let me share one of the vision i had that actually became a reality.
when we bought this place in 2012, I knew something like this will happen. We will be lounging in the yard with a new baby. And it did happen. I get so elated when my vision are actually happening.

I can't stop thinking about this & get so really thankful with my whole heart!

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