Monday, December 26, 2016


I have ended this year with turmoil and despair of an incident that provoked me to act in full on emotion.  I remembered how the same surge of emotion happened to me 5 years ago while I was in Singapore.

I really wanted to fix my eyes on the culmination of the beautiful 2016 and the the promise of 2017 but I am glad the incident happened for it opened my eyes to basically my ROOTS.  How I was raised and that no matter where  you are in this world----it is not fine to see injustices happening in front of you and not doing anything about it. I have my non-negotiables.  I have done my share in this issue and I have considered this CLOSED. And I know the kind of people I should associate with----i cannot spend more time to this kind. NO, NEVER for you'll never know when they are going to bite back with the mindset they have, whoah! I have never been too critical on a friend like  this.

So----2017!!! We are going to be more passionate of what we believe in. We will be more GENEROUS, we are going to show more examples of KINDNESS,  JUSTICE and our world has no place for SELFISH bitches!

Anyway------------pause from all the nega emo here.  Focus on what matters.  Christmas and New Year that was.  Importantly,  F A M I L Y.

I didn't get a break from work, it feels like I was partying and yet working harder. At least I didn't get to deal with headaches from too much alcohol.  I was very sober! But I couldn't' wait to be in vacay mode again ( i want it soon please!!!)

Here' s to celebrating LIFE to the LIVED Choosing to be always GRATEFUL and  HAPPY no matter what!

That chaos after the gifts were opened! 

May the new year be filled with more memries', more blessings to enjoy and share with!


Sorry, I can't get enough of our family photos. Where all of us are COMPLETE! Rarely happens!

Friday, December 02, 2016

PANADOL- FREE, finally!

So, for 10 days after her surgery, we were in pain killers.  Panadol plus Oxynorm ( the stronger version of it).  This surgery is something we didn't plan this year but willingly took on because of her very erratic sleeping patterns. She is snoring loudly and keeps on tossing and turning at night , finding the right position to go back to sleep. It breaks my heart. And couldn't wait to put an end of her suffering.

And there you go, we did her adenotonsillectomy and turbinate reduction on the 17th November with so much anxiety in my heart. I was very much concerned of her recovery, I was imagining it to be a painful process but fortunately, the worst didn't happen. She took her medicines ( pain killers and antibiotic) and eat normally.  She is my little champ! Amazing girl she is.

The fasting requirements.
She was scheduled at 11 am on Thursday, 17th of November.   She is required to do 7-hour fasting and only allowed to drink water until 9.  Totally no intake 2 hours before her surgery. We woke her up at 4 and let her last 200ml of milk before the surgery , she slept through till 9am and gave her last doze of water. And next is heaps of entertainment strategy to keep her busy. Calling God that she doesn't get hungry in the next few hours before the operation.  We did lots of singing that day, puzzles and play!

So here we are checked in at 11 but the surgery didn't start until midday.  This girl, she has no idea what she will have to go through. At almost 12, she is beginning to feel hungry and at 12.40, we were inside the operating theater and Dr. Lim put her to sleep.

My little girl after crying frantic in the recovery room. I gave her lots of cuddles and she calmed down. She is very groggy at this stage and she already had her first ice pops to keep the throat from drying up.

Here we are inside the ward and she still continues to ask for ice pops and egg surprise! She had two huge vomits after this as her reaction from anesthetics.  The nurses in Norwest Hospital are very helpful of a worried mum like me.  One nurse had to educate me on the preference of Panadol over Nurofen post surgery because it is blood thinning effect. I am glad we have chosen this hospital where we stayed for  a night but I didn't sleep at all. How can I? I was anxious she will cry out for pain and I can't look at her that way. I guess I was expecting the worse for her and thank God, He made our journey manageable.

The day after the surgery. She was very hungry, she was looking for rice and I gave her some corn flakes! Rice is not staple in Australia, unfortunately.  I told her to wait till we arrived home.

While her wounds are still swelling, her voice got distorted which is kinda funny to hear for a while. She is totally healed now. No sleep apnea, she still is a light sleeper but I think she is getting the sufficient number of hours of sleep now. More rested, healthier and better!

Here's a throwback pre-surgery and her singing career at home. Click the link!
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