Monday, December 26, 2016


I have ended this year with turmoil and despair of an incident that provoked me to act in full on emotion.  I remembered how the same surge of emotion happened to me 5 years ago while I was in Singapore.

I really wanted to fix my eyes on the culmination of the beautiful 2016 and the the promise of 2017 but I am glad the incident happened for it opened my eyes to basically my ROOTS.  How I was raised and that no matter where  you are in this world----it is not fine to see injustices happening in front of you and not doing anything about it. I have my non-negotiables.  I have done my share in this issue and I have considered this CLOSED. And I know the kind of people I should associate with----i cannot spend more time to this kind. NO, NEVER for you'll never know when they are going to bite back with the mindset they have, whoah! I have never been too critical on a friend like  this.

So----2017!!! We are going to be more passionate of what we believe in. We will be more GENEROUS, we are going to show more examples of KINDNESS,  JUSTICE and our world has no place for SELFISH bitches!

Anyway------------pause from all the nega emo here.  Focus on what matters.  Christmas and New Year that was.  Importantly,  F A M I L Y.

I didn't get a break from work, it feels like I was partying and yet working harder. At least I didn't get to deal with headaches from too much alcohol.  I was very sober! But I couldn't' wait to be in vacay mode again ( i want it soon please!!!)

Here' s to celebrating LIFE to the LIVED Choosing to be always GRATEFUL and  HAPPY no matter what!

That chaos after the gifts were opened! 

May the new year be filled with more memries', more blessings to enjoy and share with!


Sorry, I can't get enough of our family photos. Where all of us are COMPLETE! Rarely happens!

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