Monday, February 06, 2017

i believe is the worst summer

2017 marks the worst summer ever! How worse? Never a week passes by without a temp that goes as high as 40 degrees! It is mercury rising! Like last weekend was awful. We insisted to visit the Blue Mountains, skipped the Echo Point ( popular among tourists and is accessible) and visited the vintage Leura village. I am charmed by its beauty and OMG! the weather up there in the mountains was absolutely cool. The town actually reminded me of Bowral ( Southern Highlands).

It is about an hour drive from our place which is not bad actually. Had lunch and just relaxed in this slow-paced region of NSW. Hubby told me he is getting old now that he actually appreciates less crowded places. I bet we both are.  Peace , quiet and nothing touristy. I don't even want to get into the hassle of queuing for this popular restaurant.  I couldn't be bothered! There are heaps to explore.

A few second after the car is parked is this lovely mural worth a photo. My mom too obligated to take this seriously.

even this restaurant we randomly stopped by at the corner of the village has its unique charm. My eyes were too quick to pick it up this 3d mural in the walls!

and this shop that the kids took seriously. Told me this should have been the first we visited! We spent $11, that was the budget.

and before heading home, we went to the sublime point look-out that is rarely visited until trip advisor got it published , thankfully!

and finally, the cheekiness of Kylene stands out!so adorbs though.

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