Tuesday, March 14, 2017

and just like that, Autumn.

the weather is playing up , wet weekends , cold and hot that sometimes planning for it is a challenge.

BUT, i don't let it stop me from getting out with my kids amidst the fact that I can't drive and Chuck in most Saturdays are not available. Simple, do it on Sundays! Therefore, Saturdays for grocery shopping which I could do on my own and planning for the week's meal. Blah Blah Blah , the story of my weekends will never be OVER. Add to that the ironing and the playing with Kylene and the cleaning a messy place because , toddler. But, I don't mind how messy our place is----it actually is good that Kylene explores stuffs, and keep her interest with toys than gadgets.  Although , the bad mom in me would sometimes hope she stays a bit longer on ipad so that there is peace and quiet home on weekends, I tend to succeed sometimes and that is why, if I am lucky I could stay 3 hours in the kitchen.  Like last weekend. I have prepared 3 kinds of food, and marinated the chicken for Chuck's pack lunch. I love how productive  I was!

So, Sunday when it was supposed to be cold came very HOT HOT HOT even in Bilpin! It is the part in NSW where I was expecting it to be cooler.

and we were picking fresh apples supporting the local farmers and listening intently to their instructions when it comes to picking the fruits. Sadly though, a few comer ignored it and just did whatever they wanted in the farm not putting into consideration the hardwork of the owners. It annoys me . I like visiting farms and be one with the hands of the food I eat and I feel it when they are not respected at all!

That is supposed to be easy to follow. When a row has a 'Check' , then that is good to harvest. Even my 3-year old can follow that!

here's my happy folks! My sis, amidst her " busy" social life joined us today!
To tell you frankly, I am happy when her social life is active!

all i want is a Happy Life.
Amidst the odds, the uncertainties and the anything that comes in Between. (  how gorg my mom is, her lipstick is always on point)

in the yellow fields  of  Bilpin Spring Orchard.

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