Monday, February 17, 2020

I LOVE being your MOTHER

I wouldn't want anything more than being here with you as your MAMA. I will not apologize for not always being 100% NICE because I can't 😁,

BUT here's what I could promise.

- I will strive hard to  be someone you will look up to that means I will be a better version of myself everyday

- I will show to you that you cannot rely on your own abilities alone and that you have to call on God in all circumstances
- I will let you experience difficulty and let you find ways to cope with it 

- I will be quiet and still when you need me to. I will not nag when not needed. ( i will try)

- I am your safe place, come to me.

I will let you live independently in this LIFE.  I will not be over-hovering you but I will LINGER around you so that you know I am near.  Call on me and find comfort with my company.

I LOVE YOU my dearest daughters. 

OPEN my HEART and you will see HOW MUCH YOU MEAN TO ME! 

( Chy & Ky in South Korea - April 2019)

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