Monday, August 24, 2015

You are my Kylene.

Remember, that on your second birthday, you woke up with much glee that you can't stop yourself posing like a downward facing dog.  A yoga enthusiast you are!

It wasn't easy coping up with you my love. You are such a handful but I am fine with such energy rather than the sickly Kylene we had the past months. Thank you, God, You completely healed my little one.  You're back to your normal self and now eating plenty like before. How these improvements made our life so happy and there are these facts you have to keep in mind ( sorry, mum's got plenty of assignments to you)

Your granny has special eyes on you. You are very pampered. Your grandma wants to impose some special discipline but your grandpa happily defies that. They do not want you to get hurt, suffer or any of those kind. Any little discomfort they wanted to take out from you. Let's pray that God will gift them with good health so they continue to join us in our future adventures!

Your dad wants to keep on holding you.  He wants you close which really works for me so I could have my 'me' time.   How you changed now? You used to be mama's only girl. I am soo glad you've build a special bond with dada now. See, how peaceful you sleep in dada's arms.

and how behaved  you were in the cruise on a lovely Saturday morning in Surfer's Paradise!

Ate Cheyenne is gentler around you. She even let you win in most games! She is a very good Ate to you. Be patient with her when she gets moody but most of the time, she lights up with you. Keep on bubbling her, compelling her to love life!


I've got to keep reminding myself that you are not that small baby anymore. You have a mind of your own and how quickly you have learned that I have to keep you in the loop now. I am so happy each time you understand the message I have wanted to put across. It does surprise me.

I am sorry my love of my limitation. Of days, that I do not understand your needs and wouldn't be able to address it. I ask God to sustain me, because He is the powerful Giver. And when your family is not close by, rest assured that someone is always there to LOVE you. 

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