Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Cake Story

I promised myself the most economical birthday that the cake didn't even occurred to me until a week before the party. I remembered eating that cake back in January for Maricel's 40th and since my budget was only $50, I do not think I could afford a fondant cake for that amount. So here's the mama wanted to be unique and yeah in a tight budget. I asked "Kitchen That Never Closes" that's her shop in Facebook to recreate the ube macapuno cake to look like my daughter's dress. Note: This is not a new dress, a friend gave this to her on her baptism day. I told you , I cannot afford extravagance. She did warn me that the colors wouldn't be exactly the same especially that white would  be little bit yellowish due to the butter in the icing. So, here's the full outfit. And that shoe?- it was an accidental match to her dress up. I bought this 2 years ago in Dibi- Dibisoria that is. Hahhaha..


The 'Who Wore it Better Drama'

And come September, is my first born's 11th. We skipped having party for her last year and I promised her we do a cooking party this year. She is yet to pick her cake with a certain threshold of course and we will be busy with our brainstorming process soon. We really do collaborate well. 

Good news: I found a dozen of cutest apron we could use in the party. I can't wait to show this to her later!

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