Monday, August 17, 2015

Recycling and Recreating

I get really excited when an inspiration strikes me. I go 'gaga' over it. So , when my girlfriends suggested to eat fried dried pusit , i immediately picked it up as a party idea, hence, K & K's brunch themed birthday party. And on the day before the party, I hurriedly brainstormed some ideas with my hubby with Pinterest's help of course.

So, we came up with this. I liked this project very much because it is recreating the things that we already have. We already have Australian map in our dining room so, I used it to pin all of Kylene's photos in the last 24 months. Then we used existing cut outs we already have in our storage and made some paper planes out of magazines.  So, for this project , we only spent AU$2.10 for printing the photos.

The night after the party, Cheyenne & I went through her wardrobe to mix and match her outfit as 'apple white' for her book week the day after. You know who Apple White is? - she is the daughter of Snow White. Yeah, that is really second generation princesses and that made me smile a little. I wonder who will be the 3rd gen princess on Kylene's time since they are a decade apart.  Then as we agreed on her made up fashion picks, she told me this---'I am really happy that we are not buying anything for this book week and rather recycle what we already have'.  Which reminds me, we did the same last year.    Awww, my daughter gets really inspired with recreating and recycling too!

That was an exhausting weekend. Party on Friday night and another one on Sunday. Thank you Lord for blessing us with friends here----they just made life worth living! For next weekend, it would be relaxing, sitting in the balcony of our hotel and just seize the day without having to think of any worry.  A good walk in the morning on the beach , hold hands with my husband and be happy.

This is August. and this our month. We claim it!

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