Monday, March 09, 2015

my favorite things ( currently)

I find these 2 are my daily dose of favorite things in the morning.

- reading book on my train rides. I relax
- walking before coming to work. Nice chatting with Cheyenne while making those legs work

And i go home; wanting so much of Kylene's giggles, moodswings and heaps more.

i love you my daughters.
 & i love my favorite things to keep me sane.

And on weekends----running in the park for atleast 30 minutes is starting to form. How i wish, i wish, to sustain it. I also get to dip in the pool for Kylene's swimming lessons on Sundays! She doesn't act like a newbie at all. The teacher has no issues on her water confidence. My little brave, awesome, Kylene.

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