Monday, August 08, 2016

Respect & Understand

Oftentimes, I give people the benefit of the doubt.  But oftentimes too, I am too quick to judge by how people say, comment, portray themselves in social media. I ask forgiveness for that. I will try to expand my ability to understand. Expand my ability to be more tolerant , with a listening heart and ear.  Thankfully, i am not the type who keeps grudges.  I often the Forget, Forgive Move On type.

Our uniqueness as human beings make us disagree in many facets. That in fact is human nature. But whilst we do that, can we also enable ourselves the ability for self -restraint? I wonder how in the world are people become so overarching with arrogance and sarcasm trying to express smartness and whatsover skill they have to flaunt!

It gives me the chills. The bad way.

I am saddened of the change in attitude.

I am saddened of the quick condemnation.

The labelling, the judgements.

I hope we could revive RESPECT and pure UNDERSTANDING that as human beings, can we just AGREE to DISAGREE? and no harming of relationships please?

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