Friday, August 05, 2016

Revisiting Hunter Valley

It is a different feel each time we get here.
But the wines don't disappoint. Maybe, I am too alcoholic !

We arrived to our first stop.
The Briar Rose. It is a small winery and I liked it because there is not much tourist in the vicinity. Quiet and relaxing , though they don't have much area to ran around, it was a good warm up visit.

Chuck must be very busy chasing the little one, and besides he couldn't consume as much as we can given he is our only driver. Sorry, love.

I remember they have beautiful bougainvilleas around the garden. Reminds me of home.

To break the alcohol---and the many kinds of wine we had to taste, how about a quick choc fix?

But this winery is a must visit when you come over!

Apart from the lovely wines, is the beautiful landscape, you will relax here! We've bought most of our wines from here! plus the mini copper opportunity!

And what I like most about this place is I get to sat down with Chuck and enjoyed the experience because the kids can have their own agenda!

We were blessed with a beautiful weather to fully enjoy this experience!

The next day, Hunter Valley Gardens.
This little one in action trying to get more eggs!

I wonder why she hasn't been smiling in all our photos :-)

All green, lovely and beautiful Hunter Valley!

And a lot of interesting things for the kids!

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. But he didn't fall.

Look who's watchin' closely to bunny?

My girls, not too fast please! Of course, Kylene not paying attention :-)

( March 2016. Easter weekend holiday)

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