Thursday, August 04, 2016

51 kg in July 2010

Just so I know I have a point of reference.

I was 2 kg lighter 6 years ago based from my current weight which is 53kg. And 5 years ago, my ideal weight was 50 kg because according to FB, I tried to get rid of that 1kg excess.

Zoom! Fast forward, post - Aussie move, end of 2015, I was at 57kg. Worked hard in the beginning of this year with a target of 52kg. I am currently 1 kg away from it. I have put so much effort for the last few months but not anymore. I know what fitness feels. Weight actually becomes secondary, it doesn't become an indicator of health.

My drive to work out comes from the fact that - emotionally, I am in a better state.  I used to be very grumpy, stressed out and irritable before.  I have some mood swings that makes me annoyed sometimes.

So here's what worked so far---

controlled lunch
a happy healthy breakfast
a rice controlled dinner but No, i don't survive without rice in a day!
twice a week gym visit

My journey in the process. I would really like to keep this part of my lifestyle. If I don't have time to go to gym, I will spend some time walking just trying to be active! Yes, no slacking!

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