Friday, August 19, 2016

and here's a quote I treasure.

Sometimes, it's good to be distant or at least to know when not to react in a usual way.  Not everything needs to be said, or explained.  There are many situations in life when the best response is a subtle, or even a quiet one.  Restraint is a virtue.

How many times did I encounter the word Restraint in the last days? I remembered having a convo with mom-in-law regarding self-restraint in the social media the other week. And my mind's in whirlwind whether I should be tolerant of people who just can't get it! Few people I encounter are arrogantly expressive of  their perceived cleverness ( whatever) and ending up looking stupid but I normally blame their mouth for that.  I control my burst of judgement towards them.  More often , I fail!

 Cultivating this virtue requires some practice, discipline & degree of maturity.   Let me bring you back down mem'ry lane.

I was a rash tad bit insensitive growing up until one day , I had the desire to pray for my stupid mouth. Because at night, it haunts me. The words I say, the judgements I imposed --they are not really me. They were required from me , so I spit it out without thinking of its impact.  But I don't want to live what way any longer-- so I decided to withdrew from crowd ( this happened in college), hid myself in books I drew inspiration and strength.  Then, I became at peace of my decision to develop Self- Restraint especially in WORDS.  Achieving that state mattered to me because at a certain degree I was confused whether self restraint is associated to not being oneself. But I know the difference now.

Oh yes, I still pray for it at night.

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