Wednesday, January 14, 2015

the second part.... year ender 2014

fruit picking with my family!
These fruits are best eaten FRESH. No washing necessary! yay...

my folks are having a great time & enjoying Sydney in autumn and who doesn't love autumn?. The surrounds speak of JOY and GLADNESS! of COLOURS and Sunshines!

in March- i went back to work to join the work force again. It was seamless. Thank you Lord for the support I got from my parents. Heaps of wonderful things came through in 2014.

in August- we all went back to Philippines for Kylene's birthday. I do brave, unplanned moves sometimes. I actually become unpredictable and pretty liked it.

a month after, we were back to Sydney and headed off to Canberra & those beautiful images were made. Thanks to Cating, my sis and Kevin's artistic skills!

i love this photo of us.

in October- went off fruit picking  for peaches and nectarines!This time with my mom in law.

in December- we drove to Goldcoast. It's almost 30 hours in the road back and forth. That I thought was a bold move  especially with a baby and senior citizen in the car. Thankfully, we have a very reliable car & of course, a good driver.

Thank you Lord for your travelling mercies throughout this year.
We have more adventures in 2015 ,pls keep us in your loving arms always!

I can't wait to see the surprises you have for me in 2015 papa Lord. You are the best!

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