Friday, December 05, 2014

The year of LAKWATSA with a Baby

Thought I couldn't be that adventurous. But we were. We travelled to Philippines and back, & made lots of discoveries within Sydney.Where the heck did they get all those ENERGY.

It 's packing, moving, long drives and experiencing the daily demands of the day. This time, we moved at our own pace. Slowly, I noticed cloudless skies, rocks in unique forms, the wild flowers and tasted the sweet fruits picked from its branches. Tried tastiest wines , cheese at its strongest flavor and chocolates that I have never tasted before. I witnessed the beautiful sunsets, smiled at every bird flying in the sky. I am in awe of what we found. That what we actually have right now, is the most amazing thing that could ever happen to us!

I will work back and start at our Christmas last year. All members of my family were in Sydney! Those happy days! Look at me, my mouth couldn't accommodate my smile!

See, how immaculately happy. No words could ever describe that. So, we jump and we jump again and keeps on jumping for JOY!

The sisterhood was complete!

Our first Long Drive to Goulbourn .
Going at 4, back at 10 with a little baby. 

and then we get addicted to this kind of driving.
So, we went back heading  --- Canberra.  I can see that cloudless sky! 
It is beautiful! 

Parliament House 

Mt. Ainslie Lookout
God, how magnificent are you!

I like Canberra.
But the cold , it bites me.

And there's Hunter Valley. 
The vineyards even on winter were very pretty! I dream of really stepping in the middle of the huge farms. Maybe one day, when they ain't hibernating.

vineyards, gardens, wine, beer , kangaroos in the morning and  yes chocolates!

Let me pause here. That was the  mid-year review. 
I am so astounded of the beautiful Sydney. 
I am but a fan, hoping that my future generation will get to see this beauty and feel what I am feelilng right now. Peaceful. Satisfied of God's gifts of creation.

( to be continued)

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