Friday, April 24, 2020


of the small things often the ones we neglect but the ones that truly made me happy these days.

Thank you for the quiet morning without the pressure to rush. The mornings that I could soak in the bounty of the days that passed and what's to come! A time to stay quiet and ponder.

So, on the morning of today, I opened the blinds in my bedroom and saw the glimmer of the sun, I can already tell the sun is going to shine pretty!

I was tempted to think of the agenda at work but I resisted it but instead decided to start the day listening to a talk from Dr. Shefali, an inspirational speaker which I started to follow recently. I was captivated to say the least and was planning to continue listening another session within the day.

I had to start the zumba immediately after the session I listened to , so I have enough time to get my coffee and go for my 8am meeting. Today is Friday by the way, end of week and I am usually creative on Fridays :-) and also today, I have focused on things that I am thankful the most;

- that I have a job and that it enables me to take care of my children while earning

- that I am not away from my children in this unprecedented times

- that my heart is CALM and my temperament is STABLE

- that my husband loves me

- that I am capable of realizing my limitations, my mistakes and what I can and cannot change

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