Saturday, June 29, 2013

Whew------heck of a week!

I don't get the best of my health this week. So weak, cough is starting and I have these insomnia attack for several nights now, making my immune system weak. Oh God, help me.

Roads to quarter end is hitting sheepishly at work----i just want  to stop working now! My brains couldn't cope sometimes. But thanks to people surrounding me at the office who are always supportive and cheerful!

God---I am so thankful.

Also, my blog is back! Definitely in a different format and something really new to me. How should I upload photos ?? waaaahhhh----a dumb's query.

This week----is not very ideal, it has been awfully wet. Cold and wet.
We moved to a new office and I am supposed to have the best view but the gloomy weather is not cooperating at all-----but yeah, i still have the best of view!!!!

Last weekend , was my baby K's baby shower! We shared lots of laughters with friends. Thank you guys for making this pregnancy mem'rable! Shame, we don't get to have a group photo! It was cold and rainy that day, and they turned up. My family is very happy! Luv you guys!!! Means a lot to me!

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