Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pay off time!

One of the many responsibilities of owning a home is paying for council rates!

So, here in 4 quarterly installments. Salamat aron di pod kaayo bug-at.

I am putting this into writing because I want to remind myself to keep my focus! Once upon a time, I was a wasted accountant to my own finances. I don't want to do that again!

So, if I were to make some estimates;
Here's what our quarterly household basic expenses would look like;

Electricity     300 ( which could increase heaps on winter)
Water          300
Council        350
Mortgage   7,008

TOTAL     7,958 or 2,652/month.

In addition, are the monthly ESSENTIALS;

before school care 100
home insurance 60
health insurance 60
school fees 150
TPG 70
vodafone 80
groceries 600
petrol/transport 300
hanmudo lessons 85
piano lessons 120
JAC lessons 232
TOTAL 1857

So, monthly total would be approximately 4500 but its been 5k and beyond in reality.

This is a BUDGET- a guide. Because---I can explain. Of course, we eat out, we buy clothing, shopping!!! etc! So, I have the right excuses. We did enjoy the splurge! But anyway, we did survived. Met the savings target. So, we are still OK. very conscious now. Up to the challenge! It's budget time!

But when I discussed this budget stuffs with my hubby- he was floored. He got scared :-)
He is indeed from MARS!

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