Friday, November 14, 2014

My future writer!

This is what Cheyenne wrote in school & her teacher rewarded her.
She is indeed awesome!
We are sooooooooo proud of her.

The Legend of the Sunken Castle
by Cheyenne Baquial 4B

Deep beneath the jungle vines is a hidden library containing many books of unknown secrets.There are many books that contain the darkest of secrets but there is one that is most sacred of them all;the book of The Legend of the Sunken Castle.Earlier this year,Professor Serin had discovered the library and took the book,and now we have the chance to read it.

Before the castle was "the Sunken Castle",it was just an ordinary fortress with friendly villagers and noble Kings,Queens,princes and princesses.All was ordinary except for a rude and horrible sorcerer who roamed the village.The villagers and royals disliked him,because of his rudeness.The selfish wizard dreamed of having all the gold and jewels and wanted the castle all to himself,but he kept it as a secret,for he had been working on an evil plan.

For years he had been exploring far and wide for powerful spell books that would have a great spell for sinking a village and a castle along with the people.Finally after years of searching,he had found an abandoned shop with a book in a dusty glass container in the centre of the shop.It was called."The book of Disaster Strikes".He return back to his home immediate and searched through the book.On the last page he found a perfect spell;the kingdom-sinking spell.It was a very lengthy spell to recite so he had to keep on practising and practising.

Finally after several years of patience the time had come and he was ready to put his evil plan into action.He stood on a nearby hill so that he would not sink along with the castle.He recited the spell aloud but accidentally said a portion incorrectly.Suddenly the fortress was commencing to twist and turn and everything was happening too fast to see clearly.The twisting and turning caused lots of calamity and screaming and as it happened parts of the castle became surrounded by water.

Soon the castle descended completely under the water along with the sorcerer.Later all the royals and villagers calmed down,but soon came to realise that they were all alive.The mistake the sorcerer had made transformed the people into merpeople with vibrant coloured tails.Their whole castle had turned into a sea kingdom with earth-like objects transformed into sea-like objects.Colourful coral and seaweed surrounded the majestic kingdom under the sea.

All knew that only one person or merperson could be responsible for it; the sorcerer!The merguards sent him to the merking's presence and he was sentenced to death.Without the wizard,there would be no more magical problems in the Kingdom.The kingdom was happy once again and with a new life underwater the merking decreed that their kingdom would be called Atlantis and they celebrated their new life under the water.


she can be a writer. an artist. a stage actress. she can be anyone she wants.
God, keep her always at Your side. Remind her to always call on You. 
Keep her healthy & happy. Keep me supportive and always ready to listen. Make me a better mom to my children. Let my children feel my LOVE for them in all circumstances.

Lord, thank you. 

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