Friday, November 28, 2014

The Things I Gained for being a Wife, a mum to 10 & 1

Behind the ME is this. Yeah,  I meant those 3.

The kind of life we live here in Sydney is less than perfect. However, I always feel that we have been blessed abundantly and so, we took advantage of living life to the fullest. Always a day of Thanksgiving!

The things I have gained for being part of this FAMILY.

- That Health is our primary Wealth, not Money.
- That family drama are ESSENTIAL - we grow from it
- That family is the place to be- at your happiest or your saddest, your BEST & your WORST

on wifelyhood.
I have passionately invested myself to this. That sometimes, i think I am overdoing it. 
But that someone never stopped loving me. He gets me frantic at times---oh boy, he knows how to stir me when I am boiling. But he never lets go. He keeps his hand rock-steady. And each time he does that, I know I am in the best place. I do not want in any place better. I am in all ways pampered,loved &i am luckiest.

& the LOVE we share is far more than the ROMANTICS would experience. 
It is REAL. It is facing the mundane, the monotony & dance through it. 
Thank GOD for challenges! Otherwise, this would have been BORING.

True LOVE is Hard Work. It doesn't come EASY.

on mummyhood
My Kylene- she is the number 1 source of joy. she transforms me in the most positive form.  I know that this bond is FOREVER.   Oh, that tiny little eyes staring at me, wanting me, predictable & beautiful. She is mine, she came from me.

My Cheyenne- she shakes me. All of me. She is witty, emotional , beautiful.  She is domineering & impatient. She is me & somehow it scares me.  She is 10 and she has now seen most of the dynamics of the world, oh God! she has heaps of questions, i hope I have definitive ANSWERS.  

What is important to me now is that she is KIND & LOVING and it makes me so Happy!

& I hope my 3 feels how I love them. They are most important to me. 

And that is the most important GAIN i had in  this LIFETIME. To know how to LOVE.

Thank you, HEAVENS! 

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