Monday, January 25, 2016


Some unexpected changes did happen to us.

We changed  our address in 2015, without even planning for it. See, our God likes adventures---- I certainly got what I wanted. Spontaneous & unplanned.

We had no idea we could be selling the Richmond house - although I know it was of good value already, the property was very close to me. Quick decisions had to be made. Sell the existing property and move to the new one! As we move to our new place, I realized that a  house is indeed  a mere structure- it is actually HOME that we are building on. We thrive on each family member's strengths, hopes, aspirations and prayers.

It was not easy move. Took longer than I thought to sell the Richmond property so, for some time, we were paying helluva of mortgage and the tank ran out.But just before Christmas 2015- the settlement happened and whoaaah....what a very nice surprise to be in ! God, I know I should not act surprise about me being so pampered and loved. But I am astounded of the amount of HUGENESS you showered to me. Not the money actually but more importantly the kind of people you surround me.

My family is top 1. My papa and mama - they never questioned me for anything. They are just there supporting me every step along the way. I am very happy seeing them healthy and enjoying their lives. That what matters most to me. I appreciated so much the amount of unconditional LOVE they showed to me.  The kind of LOVE that is Exhilarating and you want to breath in everyday.

My sisters- who despite being independent , still enjoys time with us. No matter how chaotic my immediate family is. Despite their own priorities, they will choose to be with us on important occasions. I truly appreciate that. I am not a perfect Ate, sometimes I can be demanding and pushy but I am Ate you know.

My mom-in-law - who shows so much kindness and tolerance. I would be greatly indebted.

I changed to a new job in 2015.  It does give the money. Actually, it has afforded us a few luxury to enjoy this year!We are very blessed! The stress remained the same but I have changed the way I have approached a lot of things at work now. Which really worked well. I could sleep peacefully at night and it is good.

I changed my Attitude to life in general. And that to me, that is the biggest change that happened this Year.

I looked back and i can only find joyful, memorable times! My heart overflows!

 To God be the glory!

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