Friday, April 15, 2016

Busy days ahead

and would be life changing.

In particular order;

28 April - Cheyenne's  invitation for scholarship interview. This is the next step after getting high marks in her exam.  We are amazed!

Lord, I am praying for a daughter who is not only academically equipped but someone with a heart so strong to withstand temptation, meek to show compassion, and generous to show kindness and love.

Please guide us in our interview, oh yes- it is a family interview.

24 April - the last huge chunk of my CPA exams.

5th May- citizenship exam

and weeks after this would be waiting. waiting. long waits. exciting waits.

For Cheyenne's scholarship results- we are applying for 2 by the way.
For my exam
For our citizenship oath taking

All these Lord are happening this year and only in your Grace that we are able to take all of these! These opportunities never ceases to amaze us.

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