Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stranger things

We are preparing for stranger things ( not in netflix though) and I don't look forward to it but wanting it to finish soon.

Kylene is scheduled for surgery on the 17th November due to her large tonsils and adenoids making sleep cumbersome. She easily gets sicks because of this too- cough , fever, flu, oh name it!

So, the idea of having it removed is so strange to me until I have met a number of people  that actually had it removed while they were young and never regretted it. And so, bravely, I have accepted the challenge in behalf of my girl. I am hoping that when you grow up, you will be Thankful of this decision.

November will be busy and scary and worrying. The most interesting part is her recovery which would take some time. I hope it is going to be steady and less dramatic. We better be tough and brave my little one.

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