Monday, November 28, 2016

Call that a Spring-ender 2016

When you are itching to go out of your home, so you pick a place out of random.

That is what I like of Australia get-away, anywhere is an adventure. You just keep your eyes in awe of anything new and your heart that of a child!

We had this get -away planned 2 months ago for mama's birthday, I knew we wanted somewhere near as this is only an overnight trip so I don't want us to spend most time in the road. And so, this place , Nord's Wharf that I haven't heard before. All I know that it is part of Central Coast , short drive to the beach, lake front and you can do kayaking.

We certainly love this #airbnb find! A short drive to Caves Beach and Catho Beach ( which is not as dashing as the Southern beach anyway) but it is beautiful on it's own. Huge waves for the surfers and Kylene loved chasing it! Our trips are kids- dominated even our restaurant choices, much needed just because Kylene is too anxious to stay put. How is she so active? There she is wanting to do the kayak so, I tried to push the boat to keep it sailing, but she is not impressed!

When I was little, i remembered burying papa in the sand keeping his head visible. And I keep on jumping over the waves!

Cheyenne and dada early Sunday morning kayak. She is very stoked of this experience and how she has become here in Australia. She is more adventurous and definitely more scars on her legs from the bruises she gets from new found love in sports and anything adventure! I am so happy of her transformation by the way! Sky is the limit for this girl!

                                                 Mama is enjoying her experience too!

                                                          always the "tres marias"

                     This is how our cottage looked like. Sunset that I will never get tired of.

That huge waves at Caves Beach! Kylene were never afraid of it! I am.

Day 2---because Kylene demanded for it, we were back to the ocean, yes she calls it Ocean , not beach and technically , she is right! This is the closest from our accommodation, the Catherine Bay Hall Beach or Cathos Beach as the local would say. There she is ready to seize the day!

and there is me.
in the same "pata legs" who cares?

Thank you for the spirit of adventure.
Thank you for the money and health to afford it.
Thank you for family.
Thank you for this beautiful EARTH I promise to take care of it. I am one with Leonardo de Caprio on this one.  Watch while it's free >>>>  Before the Flood Movie

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