Wednesday, November 02, 2016

is it November yet?

I know, 2 more months and it is the New Year! 2017 that was like a fast forward scene!

Is this  what you get when you are living each day with so much anticipation and joy, you forget what date it is?

Anyway, i didn't forget that I promised myself to post Cheyenne's  12th birthday celebration and that was last September.  I like looking back at my post and remembering each fond mem'ries. This one deserves a space here, definitely!

Kylene wanting to steal the show, Ate enjoys it very much.

opportunities like this is rare. Surrounded by love of her grannies.  How grateful we are!

special love from bestfriend Sara who complements her in many ways!
I am so glad they found each other!

you are loved , unconditionally.

stay Happy, my love! You are our sunshine!

now at 12, Go! seize the world!

Special thanks to my sisters, parents , mum-in-law and friends for helping us prepare the awesomeness in this party.   Love lots!

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