Friday, April 24, 2020

As we enter April 2020.

All these commotion started last month here in Straya but earlier on other parts of the globe.
The virus killed 88k of people around the Globe in a very short span of time.
As of this writing, there are 1.6M people infected , 330k recovered globally. These are mere numbers, I became dumb of this for sometime now and I felt like the past days were a blur. I have stopped looking up on news trying to live normally.

Living life to the fullest daily has become a struggle, when the future is uncertain. I know, I am asked to keep positive, but I cannot pretend it is business as usual. So , these pendulum of emotions haunt me- I am either very happy, or panicky, I cannot focus on tasks at hand and easily I get distracted.

So, took me a bit of time to gather my senses and re-focus as I was on denial for 4 weeks. Thought this is just a nightmare but looked like this is going to  be our new normal and whilst we grieve of the past, we also are hoping for better days.

So, I am going to keep my days entertained whilst waiting but also progressing on my acceptance in a way.

Let's start with this Q&A , inspired by instagram @abideph:


An ordinary object that I find beautiful: 

my newly re-potted plants as they thrive

A sight or sound that makes me smile: 

the voice of my children talking while taking out the dishes from the dishwasher
high-pitched Kylene and soothing, calm voice Cheyenne

A person who inspires me.

Dr. Shefali
I have seen her talk twice until today and plans to listen to her talks more

A song that calms me

This song from Mama Mia OST, Our Last Summer

A phrase that makes me feel hopeful

we are allowed to grieve

A glimpse of spring in Amsterdam last year visiting Van Gogh!

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