Friday, July 12, 2013

it's been 8 years

since we have been making mem'ries. Family of 3 will soon become 4! We can't wait to see you our baby love Kylene ( we have finally finalized your name)

God--- we are bound to receive another gift, we will wait for her patiently. She will come to us when she is ready. I could feel she is very agitated too. She likes music just like her Ate Chy. I think they will share the same passion of "singing in the shower!"

While preparing for your arrival, I pray that you will be healthy and you come out without complication. You are our little baby, will be pampered and will make sure, your arrival will be very comfortable just how we kept you beautifully comfy in mum's tummy for 9 months. Sure , there will be adjustments but we will work it out together.

 I am praying too that I will get as much breast milk that you needed and we will bond together---mum and you. Mum will spend 6 months of undivided attention, just staring at you, holding you close and making sure you have my warmth when you needed it. i love you. we love you. we will wait for you.

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