Monday, July 15, 2013


We planned to set up our cot early Sunday morning. Chuck was sooo ready at 830 but we couldn't find the screws. I totally forgot how it looks like and he insisted I was the one who hid it. BUT I couldn't remember AT ALL!

It clogged my sanity the whole morning---I can't focus. But we need to attend church at 1030 for Carmelite Feast Day- Cheyenne is a member of the church children's choir and she is scheduled to participate in the mass. We are bound to join Cheyenne on her rollerblades day to the park afterwards  but I can't relax--the screw screams at me in my prayers. I am screwed.

So, we went to the park.
Here she is very happy to be back to the rolls again!
We asked her to try climbing this tree since Chuck and I were really good at this back in Bohol when we were kids with the mansanitas! But she is stuck in there hanging without any idea how to progress.

We've chatted to this old lady (on her 50's) walking with her dog on a beautiful Sunday afternoon! and she let Cheyenne do the walking. She got really agitated! with the giggles and told me if she could have a pet in 5 years time.

We went home and I immediately grabbed the basket where I could potentially hid the screws---which I already looked into in the morning and just like magic----I found it!
So, we have installed it and found the perfect spot in our bedroom to keep it.

My prayers are answered. I would be devastated if we can't put this up. Our good friend lends this to us. So, it takes a relaxed mind to finally seek for it!

case CLOSED.

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