Tuesday, July 30, 2013

we love you

even before we met you.
Dear my love Kylene- you have grown so fast my love. You have fully occupied my tummy now. You will be ready in 3 weeks time! The world is sooo ready of you.  It is so awesome here. You wake up and you will see the sunlight, there are birds in our front yard in the morning, & we will spend sooo much time under the sun in your first few weeks. I will continue to sing to you your favorite lullaby. If you feel like waking up in the middle of the night, I will dance you through till you slumber. I want to touch you now---I really do. Are you excited to see me too? Do you hear how your dad's loud snore at night? He calls your name in the morning. Do you feel Ate Cheyenne kisses you in the morning? She likes kissing my tummy, wondering if you can feel it. I told her that you do and its your favorite!

Meantime, keep growing.
We wait for you our Princess. Actually, a lot of our friends and family awaits for you. Here's some of the sticky love notes last weekend for you! Yeah, told you the world is awesome!

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