Friday, July 26, 2013

Week of Thanksgiving

Prayer granted! 
I have specifically prayed for this here >>>>when I am silent

God, I am very thankful! All praises to you alleluia! We give you back the glory and thanksgiving.
My mum's flight is set on Sunday, 4th August- I ask for your travelling mercies. 

and Kylene is really kicking hard nowadays---she must be very strong now, I could feel. Thank you God. The last scan last Saturday shows my baby in breech position , strong steady heartbeat but could be a small baby compared to average size. And, there is nothing to worry, she'll be apples ( Aussie slang for she will be alright) 

Lord, you made things beautiful in its time! 
I am so looking forward to more blessings! 

Next is my delivery and my bub's arrival. 
Eventually, my sissy's PR visa! 
I am claiming it all LORD. You will grant it I know! 

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