Tuesday, June 02, 2015

why Bohol makes me happy

I am still not over it.
The summer breeze. the clear white water of the sea. The Bohol i know.

Much to my joy is coming from Kylene's reaction to the weather. Unlike our first visit, she is better now. She didn't show any hesitation that she could withstand the heat. That she could enjoy the water and enjoy Bohol too.

so- here's the answer why my hometown makes me very happy.

1. Because I am more relaxed. Imagine someone doing all the other necessities for you. You would have to pay heaps in Australia to get someone to drive you to places or someone to look after your kid although I am still very hands on. Or someone doing the laundry neatly piled ready to be worn again. Just having that someone to make your life so comfy. Absolutely relaxing.

2. The places you wanna go is just in the island. First of all , both families are within the same town- how good is that. Pools, zoo, adventure, beach, rice fields, butterflies to name a few.

3. Fresh, inexpensive local food. You could never go wrong except if you get caught with touristy places and prices. I got bitten myself. Watch out!

4. And how lucky that God picked Bohol to be home of His amazing creation of beaches. I am so happy to in commune of His work of art!

5. and finally to be HOME. no other place can make me feel so at HOME like that. Australia atmosphere cannot surpass that feeling yet and have no plans to.

I cannot forget this beach feeling and that ice cold beer inside the bucket.

I know I do not need to say more. Just picture this.

Kylene survives with her milk. I needed that beer.
And just approximately a kilometer from home is the Butterfly Garden albeit it's small size has actually entertained me.

ate Cheyenne tried on her wings!

and we actually did it! Yes, i prepared them to see where rice came from.  So, i brought these boots. I was expecting green rice fields but it was harvest time in April. So, here, the golden rice fields.
Kylene didn't show any itching at all & I am sooo thankful!
Huh..took me some time to finally put up something in my blog. I was too busy with the spontaneous lifestyle I am having at the moment. I am very fortunate & blessed. And, oh yeah, i have more stories to tell!

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