Monday, July 13, 2015

COLDEST in Sydney

okay, it is not cool.
It is freezing cold here in Sydney. For the record, this is our coldest so far since we came here. It is our 3rd year and we are not enjoying this. But life goes on. We continue to live with resilience and flexibility and yes we are very glad winter has come. Because we look forward to;

. August- well, it's my birthday month but most importantly, it is Kylene's. My little love turns 2. Can you imagine? she turns two soon and she is still not sleeping through. We do have tough nights still especially these past nights, winter cold nights. She finds it very hard to return to sleep after waking up at 3am. My poor husband had to endure all these. Too bad he needs to be awake early to work. But darling, we will endure this, Kylene will change soon and she will be a better sleeper. We did have better nights before these past nights.

.Spring- oh my gosh. 1 and half months more and we are getting there. And my Cheyenne turns 11. We are imposing some goals for Cheyenne this semester and while I am excited of it, I do not want my Cheyenne to feel so worn out. She is enrolled for the selective preparation course. She is giving it a try. My smart girl is making her way to the next big step, preparation for high school!

.New House- we are moving to a new  house this year. God, thank you! how exciting! We decided on this buy on Chuck's 37th birthday last June. It is under Construction, so we will share this bountiful blessing soon!

. Selling - we will be taking this huge step of selling our old house. Our first. The one that I love the yard so much. We do not have much luxury of space in the new house, so it would be somethin' to get used to. But yes, huge moves going on. Amazing God made all these things possible. His surprises are just sooo wonderful.

.Studies- so, I will be taking two CPA subjects this semester. I need more focus and time. I will have to remind myself to be Positive. Always

. Job - it has been good so far. The Almighty blessed me with this new job which I feel very comfortable. I am surrounded by positive and driven people. And money-wise, it is worth it.

Bold moves. Radical decisions. That made our winter days quite Eventful.

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