Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The CPA journey continues

I will take 2 subjects this semester.
I hope I can continue to soar like what I did before. I was fortunate in previous semesters with those grades I got. I wasn't proud of my strategy. Struggling to finish reading all the modules till midnight before the day of my exams. And it was a very difficult subject- Financial Reporting. That wasn't amazing.

But, the stars aligned, the grade came in, and I passed it. But believe it or not, it came to me as a warning. Because my score was just spot on. It was the passing score, no more no less. Had I miss one, I would have failed it.

I have skipped Sem 1 2015 to give way to all my vacationing, and now I have to work harder by taking 2 subjects. Then hopefully, some positive results and I promise to really dedicate myself to this. So, help me God.

As a form of motivation, I promised Cheyenne that I will work with her as she does her Saturday selective prep classes. So, we are both working hard this semester with an end in mind.

Oh yeah, please convince me that this is going to be exciting. Hell yes, we can do this self.

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